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Our taps production software package has the features needed for a multitude of apparel and sewn products companies.

There are many different markets. There are many different products. There are many different market conditions. These different products, markets and conditions require a product which allows its users to be nimble, and change to fit new markets and conditions.

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Multiple Warehouses

Taps warehouse module allows users to set up multiple warehouses. Each warehouse may have one or many locations – bins, hanging racks or floor storage.

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Automated Packing

Packing for stores may be done manually, semi-manually, or in an automated process, depending on customer requirements.

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Local and Overseas Production

Production may be done locally or overseas.   Local production can manage multiple stages of WIP.

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Purchase Order Management

Overseas production can be managed through the purchase order management module. All phases of the product development cycle can be monitored and managed.

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Please review our product tour and see the versatility of Taps!

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Whether you produce clothing, accessories, footwear, home furnishings or other sewn products, whether you are a manufacturer, importer, or wholesaler, Taps will help you manage your enterprise.

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